Organisational  &
Developmental Change

We use principles of Systems Leadership Theory to help align systems, symbols and behaviours within an organisation to achieve an operational environment which delivers on the desired strategy.

The effectiveness of any organisation relies heavily
on a constructive culture to develop and reinforce desired behaviour. Phillip Bartlett, Managing Director
We believe that an organisation’s strategy, structure, systems and culture can and should be designed to take full advantage of its employees’ skills, abilities and potential.

To this end, we work closely with clients to identify ways of enhancing the capacity of their people to effectively contribute to achieving their own and the organisations’s goals.

We prefer to work in long-term relationships where we are familiar with our client organisations and vice versa. We believe this allows us, while not being entrenched in the day-to-day intricacies of our clients’ operations, to have a good working knowledge of how they function. 

Our Services:
  • Strategic, workforce and development planning
  • Organisational design and structuring
  • Cultural change, engagement and change management processes
  • Cultural change, engagement and change management processes
  • Organisational development strategy
  • Systems review and design
Want to learn more?

Our Systems Leadership programs are customised to your business that will help your managers learn the leadership tools and skills they need to effectively manage and develop their people.

We don't run open to the public workshops. All of our programs are designed via a process of working with our clients to understand their culture, their strategy, their challenges and their objectives.

If you would like to meet with one of our Senior Consultants for a confidential discussion with no obligations please feel free to get in touch.

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