Facilitation & Team Building

We have a highly engaging facilitation style which ensures participants are involved and enjoying the learning experience. Our proven process includes aligning participants with internal coaches to ensure that acquired knowledge is embedded through ongoing practical coaching from our people and from the participants' manager once removed (MOR). We draw from an extensive range of experiential activities designed to challenge participants in order to fully engage them.

The fundamental work of a leader is to create, maintain and improve a group of people so that they achieve objectives and continue to do so over time.Dr Ian McDonald
External facilitation provides an excellent opportunity for all members and organisations to be involved in review, planning and problem solving and leadership activities.  

Work in teams is fundamental to any organisation as clearly is effective leadership of those teams. We focus on this from both an organisational and personal perspective examining the internal and external processes that effect the execution of leadership work in a dynamic environment.

We also believe that the work of being an effective team member is undervalued and requires a level of skill that is also under appreciated. All of our team process work focuses on both pieces of work. This is especially relevant given leaders are their people’s direct role model of effective membership.

We have extensive experience in facilitating group sessions, small group team development sessions and strategic planning processes at all levels of private and public sector organisations. In the training room or on the move on Moreton Island teams learn to work together to achieve their goals.

Our expertise:
  • Facilitating group sessions
  • Small group team development sessions
  • Strategic planning processes
  • Working at all levels within private and public sector organisations
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Our Systems Leadership programs are customised to your business that will help your managers learn the leadership tools and skills they need to effectively manage and develop their people.

We don't run open to the public workshops. All of our programs are designed via a process of working with our clients to understand their culture, their strategy, their challenges and their objectives.

If you would like to meet with one of our Senior Consultants for a confidential discussion with no obligations please feel free to get in touch.

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